Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Tomoe Play School Kangaroo Club.
11-23(tree)~25(Soil)There is a change in the response to the temporary cancellation of classes.
Thank you for checking again.

【Temporary business】
January 4, 2024(tree)[Aqua Rhythm Program]
January 6(Soil)[Aqua Program]

It was scheduled to be a closed day.businessWe will.
It is a busy time at the beginning of the year, but please join us.

【Special Transfer】※Changes※
January's lesson isNot up to 8 timesUp to 10 sessionsWe will.(All members are eligible)
11Members who have not been able to attend 8 times a month and members who have already taken 8 classes in November will be able to take 10 classes, so please join us.

[Kangaroo Kids Members]
Normally, Kangaroo will take 4 classes, but in January, the above special transfer will be available, and it will be possible to take 6 classes.
We hope you will join us in the Kangaroo Club.

It's the season when it's easy to get sick, but please take care of yourself.
We look forward to your participation.