2020October this year


A new campaign will be held♪

We will hold an autumn membership campaign(^^)/ A great deal campaign that has never been before! Anyone can experience a one-♪ Why don't you take this opportunity to experience it?(*^^*) Of course, you can also get great deals! ! ↓↓Campaign contents are here ↓↓ ★ campaign period★ 10/2(Gold)- 12/15(Fire) *Junior class test period [11/23](Month)- 28(Soil)Excluding the ★ experience ★ limited price! 500 yen ★ how to apply★ phone or homepage(24Time is available.)Please apply at least 1 day before the scheduled experience date. Since the capacity is limited, we recommend that you make a tentative reservation by phone first. In addition, membership reservations are also accepted at the same time! ★ Benefits for ★ [Admission Fee] 3,000 yen→0 yen [designated back] 2,600 yen → gift[The kangaroo club does not have a designated bag.] * Benefits will be experienced during the period and will only apply to members from October 2020 to December 2020! Introducing Toye Play School to friends, members who are joined by the introducer will receive a present with gratitude ♪ ★ Introduction person benefits★ Introduction number × Kuo card 1,000 yen gift! ! There is no upper limit on the number of referrals! ! First 50 people ※ Those who have been introduced will be presented after completion of the enrollment application ※ It will be applied only to the introduction of new membership(Course changes are not eligible) * Those who were enrolled within 3 months are not eligible Kangaroo Club, Kids Swimming, Junior Swimming, Junior Athletic Experience fee is one coin in any course! Please take this opportunity to take this opportunity to take an exciting lesson at a play school ☆ Please check the image for details(^^♪ Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.